Friday, February 25, 2005

Dismemberment Plan on vinyl

This is my first entry obviously and i feel the need to address this in my opening sentence.

The Dismemberment Plan never released any full length albums on vinyl, although they did release 3 7"s, one of which was a split with the band Juno.

Dismemberment Plan - Can We Be Mature 7" on alcove
Dismemberment Plan/Juno split 7" on bcore
Dismeberment Plan - What Do You Want Me To Say? 7" on DeSoto

As for the possibility of a future release of the full length LP s Emergency and I and Change onto vinyl in the future i received a response from DeSoto via email:

The Plan themselves were never particularly interested in doing vinyl so we didn't. I wish I could consider it, but I can barely keep up with the current DeSoto work right now. Sorry...I know it's frustrating for the vinyl aficionados out there.

Apparantly there was a bootleg LP of Emergency and I made in Japan out of 70. The details of this are limited but "It had a plain black cover that says "d-plan" embossed in white, plain black labels on black vinyl".

I have located copies of what do you want me to say 7" in a distro as for the full length releases we can only hope and wonder something may happen in the future.