Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Decemberists Vinyl Discography

I posted this complied collection of the Decemberists vinyl discography over at the Decemberist's forum.
I'm not sure if people have this information, i'm also confirming this information for all you decemberist collectors and vinyl aficianados.

Pressing info of all releases:

"Castaways and Cutouts" LP (Jealous Butcher/Hush)
2000 total:
300 on sea green
1700 on black

"Her Majesty" LP (Jealous Butcher)
1523 total:
1st press - 523 total with silk screened covers , numbered
200 on white
323 on black
2nd press- 1000 total copies
200 on red
800 on black

"The Tain/5 Songs" 12inch (Jealous Butcher/Hush) 2 EPs on one 12" record. 1 on each side. 2000 total:
300 on grey swirl vinyl
1700 on black

"Billy Liar" 7" (Jealous Butcher)
1000 total:
1st press- 500 total
200 on white
300 on black
2nd press- 500 total
200 on red
300 on black

"Picaresque" 2 x LP (Jealous Butcher)
???? total:
500 on maroon and navy blue

feel free to correct this if there is any discrepancies. Of course there are test presses as well, but these are somewhat intangible.