Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Direct Metal Mastering and Animal Collective

So Fat Cat have reissued Sung Tongs and Feels on vinyl again but with a new version which is meant to be far superior supposedly, the new reissue features Direct Metal Mastering.

This sounds like a clever marketing ploy by Fat Cat to reissue this album on vinyl again to would-be collectors and old collectors as well but the question begs is this "remaster" any better than the original? I'd have to purchase a 2nd copy of these albums to find out. A description of the new mastering below:

Direct Metal Mastering uses the most advanced technology in vinyl manufacturing.
The groove is cut directly in copper metal. Transient response is greatly improved. DMM yields better detail resolution and a lower noise ratio. remastered direct from the original master and pressed on heavy weight 180g vinyl audiophile discs. This release is strictly limited to 1000 copies and housed in a plastic wallet. Mastered at Abbey road studios and pressed by portal space records. This is your chance to pick up classic Fatcat records albums in the most lavish vinyl format available.

For the first time in limited edition 180g DMM vinyl, ‘Sung Tongs’ is a dazzling, bold and adventurous pop album. Diverse in its scope and yet fully coherent, the album moves from chiming acoustic guitar songs to gentler, more dispersed picked ballads, to sprawling, guitar-swell psychedelics, bubbling, acid-warped vocal fx, and tribal, almost shamanic trance-outs based around looping vocals and hypnotic kick-pulses.

Now i love vinyl as much as anyone but i doubt the untrained ear would be able to tell any difference, if anyone has both copies let me know!