Friday, April 01, 2005

St Ives records

Saint Ives is owned by Secretely Canadian. Its a DIY subsidiary label that gives indie bands the opportunity to release handmade records.

Saint ives records discography:

SAINT01 - Microphones - Blood LP limited to 300
SAINT02 - tba
SAINT03 -Microphones - Little Bird Flies into a Big Black Cloud limited to 400
SAINT04 -Animal collective - forest children limited to 300
SAINT05 - Impossible Shapes - The The Current LP limited to 350
SAINT06 -Mirah and ginger – songs from the black mountain music project limited to 400
SAINT07 - Scenic - The Long Sun 10” limited to 200
SAINT08 - Fruit bats - tragedy + time = fruit bats limited to 400
SAINT09 - John Wilkes Booze - The Heliocentric Views of the John Wilkes Booze Pts. 1 & 2 limited to 300
SAINT10 - Thousand Arrows - When I Go" 7”
SAINT11 -Sound team – marathon lp
SAINT12 - Impossible Shapes - The Tum LP limited to 300

Most records are made available through a handful of mailorders, mainly and if you have the opportunity to catch one of these bands on tour. Most of these records are out of print and your best bet to find these records now would be on ebay.