Thursday, March 03, 2005

Out Of Print Obituaries

I've been trying to compile a discography of St ives records releases ill post this once someone from Secretly Canadian contacts me to complete the discography for this diy label.

I've been following mt eerie/microphones and woelv's(phil's wife) discography, which is almost impossible to follow. I can still follow woelv's discography since she has only released the one LP under her name Genevieve Castree which is titled Pamplemoussi(limited to 800).

Records which she will be releasing in the future as stated from will be 2 splits with mt eerie:

Danish 7inch “O My Heart/Le Bébé Canard Noir” split with Woelv and Mt Eerie
American 7inch “O My Heart/Le Bébé Canard Noir” split with Woelv and Mt Eerie, except with the singers of each band switched.

Deerhoof have released a limited 7" of 333 at which will probably be ebay gold in the future. How popular is Deerhoof? I'm not sure. Apparantly Reveille was repressed and will be available at krs mailorder in April.

In other news, ive done some fairly extensive research into all Sigur Ros vinyl that was ever released. Von brigdi, which is Sigur Ros's most sort after vinyl release, or perhaps release across all media had 100 copies pressed on green vinyl. It was a 4 track promo which was made by the record store Smekkleysa, where friends and family probably snapped most of these up. So all eyes turn to ebay for any further luck.